Immuno-MEMS and Cellular Dynamics
Bio-friendly photoresist|
Lymphocyte interactions|
T cell migration|
Cellular dynamics

 We strive to solve fundamental problems in immunology and cell biology by developing and adapting new tools in engineering/physical science. New tools will enable us to tackle persistent problems in biology with different approaches. Furthermore, our own biological problems will inspire use to develop unique techniques. In this way, we hope to contribute both life science and engineering/physical science.

Specific research topics that we are interested in are as follows:

1. Development of new microfabrication techniques based on bio-friendly photoresist polymers for complex and dynamic micro-patterning of proteins and cells. [Bio-friendly photoresist]

2. Study of immune cell communication using various microfabricated platforms. [Lymphocyte interactions]

3. Study of T cell migration under complex microenvironments using micro/nanofabrication. [T cell migration]

4. High-throughput imaging of dynamics of single cells and multi-cellular clusters. [Cellular dynamics]